On our wedding day with our fur babies

Anel Photography

On our wedding day with our fur babies - Anel Photography
5 years later with our human babies

Anel Photography

5 years later with our human babies - Anel Photography

Our story

Hi there! I'm Hayley Reid, Founder and Creative Director of Rustic Romance. Our family business began back in 2013 when, through the planning of my own wedding, I discovered my passion and talent for event planning and styling. I love creating breath-taking spaces and finding unique and innovative ways to do so. I am reliable, professional, creative and have a keen eye for details. I have always been organised but becoming a Mum of 3 has officially crowned me an Organisational Queen!

Some of my other passions include organic gardening, vintage treasure hunting, and furniture renovation. I am very hands on and love incorporating these passions into my work as often as I can! I often source or renovate unique pieces of furniture, build custom creations and grow plants, herbs or flowers specifically for upcoming events. I go above and beyond to ensure that my client's dreams become a reality and I have so much fun doing it!

My partner in life and in business, Dan Reid, played an integral role in the creation of Rustic Romance and we still utilise his diverse range of skill sets today. As my on-hand craftsman, Dan is incredibly handy and somehow always manages to bring my beautiful creations to life. If I dream it, he will always find a way to build it! Dan also has 15 years experience in the landscaping industry so he is our go-to-guy for all backyard weddings. Together we transform backyards into unique, scenic spaces fit to host stunning weddings or special celebrations. 

Dan and I now have 3 wonderful kids together who are quickly becoming our little Rustic Romance apprentices. We are so incredibly thankful to our wonderful clients for supporting our family business. It is such a privilege and so uplifting to be a part of so many joyous occasions. If you are planning a special celebration and feel that Rustic Romance would be a good fit for you then please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you!

Hayley Reid
Creative Director