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Unpopular Opinion: Pampas grass has got to go!

This is a bit of a controversial topic because pampas grass is so popular! Yes, it looks beautiful and gives off dreamy boho vibes but most people are genuinely unaware of the risk it poses to our native bushland, wetlands and wildlife. Let's explore why it is so dangerous to our natural ecosystems and why you should reconsider using it at your wedding. Originating in South America, Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is a tussocky perennial weed that can grow up to 4 metres high with roots of up...

August 25, 2022

10 reasons to have an intimate wedding

Intimate weddings, micro weddings and elopements have gained traction recently with more and more couples opting for these kind of weddings. Yes, Covid may have had a lot to do with their increased popularity but there are so many more benefits of having an intimate wedding and I am going to lay them all out for you! One of the very first things you consider when planning a wedding is your guest list. Have a careful think about who you want to share this momentous occasion with. No, you don’t ...

August 15, 2022 Posts 1-2 of 2 | Page

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