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Rustic Romance Farm

Perth, WA

Rustic Romance Farm - Perth, WA

You may be shocked to learn that the majority of flowers found in Perth stores are actually imported from overseas! Even a lot of the Australian natives aren't actually grown here in Australia but in places like Africa and South America!

Imported flowers are horrendous on the environment! The distance they travel, the refrigeration required for transportation and the chemical application process necessary for quarantine means that the carbon footprint of imported flowers is off the charts! Not to mention the horrible plastic packaging! (Ewww!)

After years of struggling to find sustainable flowers here in Perth, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start our very own local flower farm! Located just one hour north of Perth, we are proud to offer fresh and naturally dried flowers that are locally grown, seasonal, organic and plastic-free!

Perfect for "DIY" events, our flowers will be available direct to the public (at wholesale prices!) from Spring 2023. We also provide eco-friendly confetti and wedding favours. Please contact us for more info.

available spring 2023


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