Chelsea & Cam

24th April 2021

Hi Hayley and Dan, 

We just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to both of you for helping us to pull our day together. 

Hayley, you are an absolute legend and I’ve said this a million times and will say it again, we really could not have done it without you and we appreciate you so much. 

From the beginning, you have been such a delight to work with and were so good with working within our budget and style. Even though we didn’t give you a lot of direction about what we wanted, prompted us in the right way and proposed ideas to us that we were stoked with! 

Your attention to detail and eye for style that you incorporated in our wedding made everything all the more special! 

In particular, thank you for being there to support us the day before the wedding when the emergency press conference was announced. Honestly when we thought we were going to have to reschedule the wedding we were very comforted to know that you’d be there to help us through the process! 

And thank you Dan for helping us to set up the wedding so well - you must have done a lot of heavy lifting for Hayley. And Hayley, thank you so much for being so present and such a champ even though you’ve had to get knee surgery so recently. 

Thank you also for helping us to coordinate bump out the next day which meant none of us needed to go back to the venue (which believe me it would not have been good as everyone was in a bit of a state) 

Basically in summary, I think because of your amazing talents and skills, you have allowed us to enjoy the whole process in the lead up to the wedding with really very minimal stress on our end and it’s made the whole entire experience so very memorable for us!


Chelsea and Cam

Shan & Adam

26th March 2021

Hayley, I actually don't know where to start and have no words to describe what an amazing job you did!! Our wedding was absolutely perfect! THANK YOU for all your hard work! It just looked AMAZING! You're an amazing stylist!!! Just can't thank you enough! - Shan

G'day Hayley - I know Shantel is going to catch up with you as well but just a quick note from myself personally for our wedding. You guys did an absolutely incredible job! It was amazing and Shantel was stoked! It was perfect! Thanks again! - Adam

Bec & Matt

19th November 2016

Hayley and Dan will never let you down, always deliver the most amazingly beautiful rustic weddings. We are so grateful for the romantic and magical setting they provided us on 19th November 2016. So much love for them and all they do. Love Matt and Bec

Marita & Mat

The Quarry Amphitheatre
4th April 2015

Hayley was so friendly and easy to work with. She truly listens and helps to bring your vision to life - all with a lovely down to earth personality. She has such incredible rustic/ vintage trinkets and furniture and so much passion for what she does. We absolutely loved how she styled our wedding day. I would definitely recommend her and do it all again if we could! Thank you rustic romance. Simply awesome!


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